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"I'm not together, but I'm getting there."

I am 26, and just moved up to Berkeley, California (from LA and Central Cal previously). I love music, television, dogs, basketball, tennis, and too many other things to list.

John Mayer and Sara Bareilles are my two favorite artists, Love Actually is my favorite movie, and Top Gear is my favorite tv show.

Even this gif makes me tear up a bit…

Even this gif makes me tear up a bit…


OTH 9.11 - Dan & Julian deleted scene

Great scene, wish it’d made the episode

TVLINE | Talk a little about shooting that final scene between Nathan and Dan on the River Court. I have to imagine those emotions were very real.
It was heart-wrenching. James [Lafferty] is a very, very dear friend of mine, of whom I’m not only a big fan, but I think he’s going to be a hugely successful man in his personal and professional life. I also was shooting that as my very last scene on the show, and it was hard to keep it together. [Executive producers] Joe Davola and Greg Prange were there, and Mark was directing us, and some of the actors who weren’t in the scene had driven out to just be there with me; it was just beautiful. It was the exact way that you’d write it in real life after nine years on a show. I was very focused on that scene, but I’ve got to tell you, it was moving. It felt like my performance, with my personal feelings about leaving the show and the character’s personal feelings about being able to move on and ask forgiveness — and then his son accepting that — in some ways were knitted together. It really wasn’t hard to act that scene at all. It was incredibly rewarding.


Just finished the latest episode of One Tree Hill

My god what a tearjerker. I’d been saying all this season how I enjoyed Dan and his character development and the road he’d been down since the beginning of the show and my god what an ending.

Tears, all of the tears. Thank god I have my own office and no one came by and needed anything. Paul Johansson deserves all the awards.

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