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I am 26, and just moved up to Berkeley, California (from LA and Central Cal previously). I love music, television, dogs, basketball, tennis, and too many other things to list.

John Mayer and Sara Bareilles are my two favorite artists, Love Actually is my favorite movie, and Top Gear is my favorite tv show.


The Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse is the fastest convertible in the world

Here’s another early reveal from next month’s Geneva Motor Show and this one is a beaut — The Bugatti Veyron Vitesse. The most powerful factory built roadster IN THE WORLD:

So, what sort of numbers does a convertible need to be the fastest in the world? 1184bhp and 1105lb ft. That’s 197bhp and 183lb ft up from the cooking variety Veyron’s 987bhp and 922lb ft. Or roughly one Golf GTI more…

Extra power’s been teased out of the 16-cylinder engine by enlarging the four - FOUR - turbochargers and intercoolers. The chassis’s also been beefed up to support the extra muscle.

No performance stats have been released yet, but if it’s anything like the Veyron Super Sport, it’ll hover around 2.5 seconds to 62mph. That’s 0.2 seconds faster than the current Grand Sport. Pricing’s equally mysterious, but we reckon it’ll be in the region of $3.3M.

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